Neena Elliott

Neena Elliott is from Georgia, USA. She is a Christian/Country Singer/Songwriter. Since she can recall, she has been composing and creating music.

She sings at nearby events in her community and at her local Church.

Her First Single “Confidently Me,” is a very memorable single, and an extremely propelling Country/Christian song. With the help of God’s Words, Neena had the option to conquer her very own encounters of dread and weaknesses, which is the subject of the song.

She thought of her song along with Shelly Johnson and Sean Slope . Neena needed to recount to her story in a significant manner that would connect with other more younger ladies.

Her song sends the Message That God Loves You, Genuinely, and that assuming we let him into our lives, he will assist us with confronting what is happening and he will make us stronger.

Neena maintains that everybody should understand that what the world might say to characterized you makes very little difference, as God Understands what you want and will safeguard you.

To Listen to her song “Confidently Me” Check out her Profile Here.