Freedom Heart

We are delighted to give a big warm welcome to Freedom Heart, the Christian Pop singer/songwriter. Freedom Heart, whose real name is Lynn Ly Chen, is on a mission to promote freedom and truth.

Lynn has experienced the struggles of condemnation and oppression while fighting for her identity, and she knows how hard it can be to follow her passion and love for God when it differs from others.

At Music 2 Empower, we believe that God makes us all different, so the world is not a dull place.

Lynn has experienced the feeling of not fitting in and being shamed and bullied for being her true self. It takes courage and faith in God to be who you want to be. Lynn is now using her experiences to help others overcome the same issues she faced while finding her own identity.

She wants to spread the message of hope and peace through God, and empower others to express themselves and their identities without fear. We are thrilled to have Lynn as part of our community and look forward to the positive impact she will have.

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Listen To Freedom Heart’s Song “No More Space” (Downtempo Version)

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