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The Scattergoods

The Scattergoods

Tiffany Frampton

Tiffany Frampton is from Texas, USA. She is a Christian indie pop singer and songwriter. She found that she liked writing poems when she was in grade school so much that she would write them on everything including her own hands. Later on it turned into music we hear today.

Toni Lashaun

Toni Lashaun comes to us from Florida, she is a songwriter and singer. Toni started her acting and singing passion when she was a young teenager and has continued over the last twenty years. She looks up to her dad as he is one of her favorite singers. Toni is influenced by many genres of music to where she sees music as a universal language. Right now Toni serves for her church as a praise team leader, and the church is kind enough to let her use music from many…

Will Gray

Will Gray comes to us from South London, UK. Will Gray is a indie Christian pop singer and songwriter. His music has a mix of gospel, soul, and folk.

Zach Taylor

Zach Taylor comes to us from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Zack Taylor is a Indie Christian Contemporary Christian Artist. He loves making music that leaves an impact on people’s life’s on this Earth…