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Eric Sullivan

Eric Sullivan is coming to us from Washington, USA. Eric Sullivan is a singer/songwriter, and producer.    

Evan Jarrell

Evan Jarrell is from Missouri, USA. He is a worship leader, an independent Christian singer/songwriter, and has performed all over the world, including in Canada, New Zealand, Rwanda, and the United States. He hopes that people will be drawn to Jesus Christ through his music.

Fox & Arrows

Fox & Arrows is a sibling indie-pop band from Georgia, USA.

Grant Leslie

Grant Leslie

Harmony LaBeff

Harmony LaBeff

Harry James

Harry James comes to us from Queensland, Australia. Harry is a 25-year-old Vocalist/Musician, with music that has a bright and insightful sound with scriptural grounded verses. Harry’s music provides you with a charging increase in energy to your spirit and draws in your mind to his perfectly worded songs. Harry has delivered two singles “Ordinary” and “Mercy”. These two singles carry an new intriguing sound to christian music.

Hayden Ortez

Hayden Ortez is from Texas, USA. He is an Independent Christian Vocalist/Musician. Hayden was keeping his Worship Leader obligations first, then he understood his enthusiasm for composing and singing music. He generally sings acoustic and has an approach of emotionally touching you with his songs. He has found a better approach to sharing his enthusiasm for God without losing the strength and feelings of the melodies.

Hollis Moore

Hollis Moore comes to us from Oklahoma, USA. He is a Christian Worship/Indie singer and songwriter. He knew from a very young age what he was here to do and that is the worship God.  

Jacob Rudd

Jacob Rudd comes to us from Wisconsin, USA. He plays piano, ukulele, banjo and guitar. He is a songwriter/Singer and Producer. He loves Jesus, His Church, and His Family First, and that’s why his music centers around them. When Jacob was 17 years old his dear friend committed suicide leaving a void in Jacob’s life. Not too long after Jacob found himself at a party with underage drinking, to where he decided to pray instead of drinking. Soon After he went on a retreat that his mother had encouraged him…

Jamie Pritchard

Jamie Pritchard comes to us from Dorset, UK. He is a singer/songwriter and worship leader, that sings Indie Rock. His aim his to bring people to God through his music. Jamie’s music has been heavily influenced by other music artists such as Bruce Springsteen, and many Country Music Artists.