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A Sudden Branch for Safety

A Sudden Branch for Safety

Adlith Mondejar

Adlith Mondejar comes to us from Florida, USA. She is a Christian Indie Singer and Songwriter. Adlith has been a songwriter for some time, and has just recently started singing and sharing her stories through her music. She wants her music to help others by showing them the power of faith and God.  

Allen Froese

Allen Froese comes to us from Toronto, Canada. Allen is a Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter. Who is heavily influenced by our God and encourages others to praise and worship God.  

Amber Pipkin

Andrew Marbut

Andrew Marbut comes to us from Ecuador , He is a singer-songwriter. He has been heavily influenced by culture, church, and faith. Andrew is creating a new sound of music and is bringing it to the Christian music industry. He believes that music has the ability to help heal and restore peoples faith and bring them closer to God.  

Ben Oribe

Ben Oribe comes to us from the Philippines. He is a Indie Christian Artist. He is moved by the love of God. Ben writes his music straight from his heart. He is a true believer and his ultimate goal is to minister to the unsaved because they need God Too…      

Brian McMaster

Brian McMaster is from San Diego, CA, his inspiration comes from the beauty surrounding him, and from our God. Brian has also released music under his name and under a project called “All Others” for instrumental projects. He has also done   collaborations with his friends and many other artists under the name of “XII”

Creature and Creator

Creature and Creator is located out of Newcastle, England.They are Singers/Songwriters who write songs to help those who have been hurt and for those who are hopeful…  

Curtis Ray

Curtis Ray

Darla Baltazar

Darla Baltazar