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Albert Keever

Albert Keever

Alden Brown

Alden Brown comes to us from Long Island, New York. Alden is a singer/songwriter and worship leader. He is also a sports fanatic, athlete and actor.

Ayiesha Woods

Ayiesha Woods-Hillery is located out of New York. She is a wife, mom, singer, songwriter and musician. She has released multiple albums, and has been working on an new album to be released soon. She loved to share the word of God through her music and you should not miss out on a awesome voice and talented artist.  

Beverly Song Burton

Beverly Song Burton is a Gospel/Worship singer/songwriter form New York, USA.

Darnell Peters

Darnell Peters comes to us from New York, He is a Christian Gospel Singer/Songwriter, that writes music to help people conquer their disbeliefs that are keeping them from reaching their full potential together with God.      


F.L.O.G.I.C comes to us from New York. They are Sisters Breanna and Taylour Dickerson. They were grew up on Long Island. And you could always catch them singing and praising God in their church.

Fire At Midnight

Fire At Midnight is a Blues Rock Band from New York City

Gabriel Day

Gabriel Day is a minister, and rapper out of Rome, NY who now resides in Columbus Ohio


GTheChosen real name is Gabe is a rising Christian RnB artist from New York. He enjoys expressing himself through art forms such as writing and drawing. Gabe credits his creativity to his mother, who is a talented poet. His style combines elements of RnB and Rap to make music that listeners can relate to and put smiles on their faces.

Koo Chung

Koo Chung comes to us from New York, USA. He is a Christian Pop/Rock Vocalist/Lyricist and guitarist. Koo began his excursion in Massachusetts where he use to play with the band “Broken for Good”. Today he lives in New York and works his own recording studio “Broken for Good Records”. Today he does a podcast series named “KOOLIKEDAT Podcast”. His podcast series is about him and his thoughts, and other stuff. One of his objectives for his podcast series is to meet his heroes and get to know them and…