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Allen Froese

Allen Froese comes to us from Toronto, Canada. Allen is a Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter. Who is heavily influenced by our God and encourages others to praise and worship God.  


Ayomilly comes Reining in from Toronto Canada, comes Joel Craig aka Ayomilly, he is a producer, audio engineer, and foremost a independent recording artist. He loves creating music that brings change and positivity to todays culture. He discovered his passion for music at 15 years old, when you wrote and recorded a song for his friend that died tragically when they were 8 years old. Music is his safe place that helps him with dealing with his trauma. For more information check out his website.

Ileen Laura

Ileen Laura comes to us form Toronto, Ontario. She is a Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter. Happily Married, mother, and a believer in Christ. She loves creating songs that are powerful and meaningful. Hers songs are inspired by her own life experiences.