True Strength

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True Strength comes to us from Colorado, USA. They are a Christian heavy metal band. With the members who are:

George Tsalikis – Lead Singer

Ryan “The Archangel” Darnell – Acoustic Guitar,Bass, Piano and Rhythm Guitar.

Takis Koroneos – Lead Guitarist

Christopher Lee Faulkenberry-Alfano -Drums

Carl “Boanerges” Borsick – Keyboards.

In 2007, Ryan “The Archangel” Darnell, a born-again Christian, swore off metal music because he considered it a sin. Ryan didn’t actually play his guitar for quite some time, until a former friend of his required his assistance and that turned out to be the only time he played again. Later, around the same time, he began to realize that there were Christian Metal bands out there that he was unaware of. After that, he picked up his guitar once more, and this time it was to play Metal for God.

A friend of Ryan’s whose name is Chris Clark that use to llay in different groups with him in the 2000’s, had urged Ryan to start writing songs and to join him in producing a Christian Metal album. Ryan was having trouble because he didn’t want to return to the heavy metal lifestyle he used to lead, so he stopped and started again and again for about a year. He wasn’t able to move forward until after a prayer and the support of his family and wife.

In 2014 the band released the album “The Cross Will Always Prevail”, 2016 “Steel Evangelist”, 2016 “Steel Evangelist (Roxx Records Remastered Edition)”, 2019 “Sanguinary Vivification”, 2020 ‘The Mighty Hand of Yahweh” and in 2022 “The House, The Holy, The Third”.

They just released a new single in March, 2023 named “The Holy Spirit”.

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