Richard Ashe

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Richard Ashe comes to us from North Carolina, USA. Richard is a Gospel Singer-Songwriter and Pastor.

While at E.C.S.U (Elizabeth City State University ECSU) he was part of their Gospel Choir while earning his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. While attending college he also helped create the RnB Group that was known as “Next Episode”. He has co-wrote many songs including “You’ll Never Find” found on

the album “Check the Resume” by E.S.C.U , “Do You Wanna Dance” and “Turn Away” which are found on the album “Goldsboro 27530”. Later after College, he produced his first solo album multiple dance and love songs.


It wasn’t till later in 2004 that Richard would begin his mission with God. He would soon be part of 3BD (3 Brothers Delivered), and continue on to be part of another all-man choir.


Today he is serving as the Assistant Pastor of his Church’s Worship and Music ministry

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