Julia Schmidt

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Julia Schmidt is a Christian singer/ songwriter from Columbia, NJ. She is an upcoming recording artist.


◦ God has continued to tug at her heart strings to pursue the gifts He had granted to help promote His kingdom.

◦ With much contemplation and prayer, she decided to take that next big step out in faith.

◦ Julia was named one of the top three vocalists of the Singer Universe competition after becoming an avid session singer. She’s had songs placed in the top ten of various songwriting competitions including the Steinberg competition. These experiences allowed her to gain many connections with producers, songwriters and musicians globally.

◦ Her prior involvement in the performing arts has been a piece of her journey.

◦ “ There’s just something about being on a stage, a different part of me shines, if I had the opportunity to be on a stage today it would be different, as it would be solely for shining His light.”




◦ After some trying experiences in her life God has led her to a place of grace and contentment in Him. She now concentrates on writing and co-writing for her upcoming releases.


◦ Julia hopes to be able to have opportunities to share her testimonials of God’s incredible love, mercy and grace.

◦ Her first EP project is with producer Jay Speight, from Nashville Tennessee.

◦ Writers/ co- writers include Janie Cunningham, Jay Speight and Laureen Smith. Audio engineer, Marcelo Pennell.


◦ In times of darkness, trials ,uncertainties, calling upon the Lord for courage and strength to walk us through it is what allows us to become “Strong”.


◦ Her new Debut single “Strong” was officially released February 25th!! The lyric video has over 8.8K views in just three short weeks!! It has also been placed on over 27 playlists on Spotify. Including “ Ukraine “ play list where her album cover was chosen as part of the playlist cover.

◦ Stay tuned for more upcoming releases!!!