Jules Schroeder

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Jules Schroeder music started at an early age, having auditioned

and appeared on American Idol, while performing with

several groups ranging from pop, to hip-hop, to blues, to

rock, and folk. She has always been a lyricist and

songwriter with an innate ability to create melodies and

hooks off of just about anything. Drawing her inspiration

from those like Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, Janis

Joplin, and Adele Jules blends a fusion of many sounds.

Jules has a gifted stage presence with an ability to make

any audience feel connected, inspired, and right “at

home”. Jules uses her music as a vehicle to expand her

mission through her entrepreneurial endeavors. Having

been ranked by Inc. Magazine as #1 of the “Top 27

Female Entrepreneurs Changing the World in 2017” and

one of the “Top 40 Millennials To Follow in 2018ʺ, Jules

Schroeder is a musician and visionary on a mission to

inspire people to create a life by their own design.